Read the new Graphic Novel Intro HERE!

Read the new Graphic Novel Intro HERE!

Brynn has returned from his adventures around the kingdom of Brittannia, from the teeming Metropolis, across lands haunted by a strangely familiar Ancient Honor, to the strange but beautiful lands of Aden and Elmore, but none have kept the heart of Brynn as much as the Obsidian lands of Britannia. Bearing gifts and riches from far lands, Brynn has returned joyfully home to Frostfell, and has brought his hardy band of thrill seekers with him...
Entreri, the Vampire rogue shrouded in mystery, haunted by a murderous past..
Arok, the kind WoodElf who's mastery over the beasts of Brittania was equalled only by the quality of his much-sought-after cloaks, robes, and wondrous dyes...
But behold! In they're travels, a common soul crossed the path of the weary group. A small elf, cold blue of countenance, but warm of heart. His skills were yet few, but his faith was as strong as any in the lands. His mace swings harder with each passing day, and his healing skills and eccentric magicks were a constant source of cheer for the tired group. Brynn and the others gladly accepted the fledgling Frost Elf Cleric - Grom - into their midst. He wanders Brittania seeking to spread his good cheer and purify the lands of all evil. Give Grom a hearty "Hail!" in passing, he will be cast a blessing upon you, or help defend the honor of the innocent.

Brynn has hired the services of the noble vendor Raphael, and is selling armor and ingots once again, but not in the quantities he did before. His old price list is located here, but has not been updated since the parties return.

Eggmungus has been busy in Brynn's absence chronicleing the absence of the stalwart legions of Obsidian. See the Tales of Obsidian here.

Deathdealer has a (warped) sense of humor. Read the lyrics to The Warriors (Warrior-Bards???) latest chart topper here.

Stay tuned for updates.